Foreclosure Attorney David Trott and his Taj-ma-poolhouse

By Toad:
We find it amazing that Foreclosure Attorney David Trott, who is supported by the largest Pro-Amnesty group in the country, and who, quite possibly, employed illegals to construct his taj-ma-poolhouse, continues to flaunt his ill-gotten gains with such flagrant disregard to the suffering he has inflicted on those around him.
We would also like to give a special shout out to our friends over at mfi-miami for their coverage of Trott’s new playhouse.
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Foreclosure Attorney David Trott’s Playhouse Great for a dip, with a Dip!

By Toad:
“Absurd,” “Ridiculous,” “Who does this dirtbag think he is?”
These are some of the comments we have gotten on our tipline since Trott’s new Pool House was featured in Traditional Home Magazine.
The Pool House, clearly worth more than a lot of people’s homes, shows how disconnected this caricature of a politician has become, as his obsession with congress has taken hold of his psyche.
We blog, you decide.  Should the person who made millions off the oppression of the dispossessed and poor be given a seat in Congress?

Trott’s Upside Down

By Toad:

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott has certainly benefited off the misery of others for years. He has kicked hundreds of thousands of Michiganders out of their homes over the past few years, effectively denying the American Dream to our neighbors, friends and loved ones.

But now, it’s Trott who is upside down, instead of the good people of Michigan.

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott has spent close to $2 million in a vain attempt to buy a seat in Congress.  What has that $2 million gotten him?


Negative poll numbers.  Foreclosure Attorney David Trott is losing in the double digits to incumbent congressman and tea party favorite, Kerry Bentivolio.

And, in a poll commissioned by MIRS Foreclosure Attorney David Trott actually has higher unfavorability ratings than favorable.  That is impressive; in other words, he is actually upside down by -5%.

Keep spending Trott.  A fool and his money are soon parted, particularly with stu-tard at the wheel.


David Trott is lagging in the polls-Losing to his opponent by 25%

 By Toad:

Stu-Tard Sandler running impotent campaign

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott, according to polling data received on our tipline, is losing to his opponent in the primary by over 25 points.  Cross tabs reveal the gender gap has widened to 30% among likely female primary voters.

It turns out that female voters don’t like foreclosure attorney’s trying to buy their way into Congress.

We have to give Stu-tard Sandler credit though for running this campaign the same way he ran Cox’s campaign.

Word on the street is that the Stu-tard crowd is just bilking Trott for millions while laughing all the way to the bank.  The consulting-class stays in business for a reason.  They tell the candidate what he wants to hear, when he wants to hear it.  Then, they collect their paycheck.

Hat’s off to stu-tard for watching his wallet and David’s!

David Trott’s Entitled Herd Seeks to Silence True Conservatives

By Rabbit:

Stacking the Delegate Deck

We have recently been alerted to another blog that is dedicated to the Republican Party’s politics of the 11th district of Michigan. It is appropriately named, The Elephant in the Room.

The editor, Denis Curran, informs us about the Michigan Republican Party State Committee’s decision to modify the “Hardworking Delegate Rule” raising it from two per congressional district to a whopping ten percent of of the allocated state delegates.

It makes you wonder why wouldn’t they just raise the amount of state delegates instead of drawing out the county convention process of nominating these “hard working strawmen”?

Maybe because the establishment herd feels they are entitled to positions of power. Maybe because it is growing more difficult to find delegates that will support elitist candidates, such as David Trott and Bobby Schostak.

It will be just another long list of people nominated that have never been to a county convention, let alone a state convention. This rule change is only meant to attempt to dilute the conservative voice… again.

OCRP Elections Be Damned

The blog also discusses changes made to the Oakland County Republican Party’s by-laws. It appears the Oakland County ruling class wants as little to do with electing party leaders as possible as they make a move for the vice chair to be appointed by the Chairman rather than elected.

One thing for sure, David Trott’s herd of cronies will continue to serve their master. I suppose it would prove difficult to bite the hand that feeds you and puts a roof over your head (or for the rest of us, takes our roof away). After all, the OCRP dwelling is owned by the one and only Foreclosure King.

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott and Texana Hollis

By Toad:

It was reported here, and elsewhere, that Foreclosure victim Texana Hollis, who Foreclosure Attorney David Trott ruthlessly evicted from her home has passed away.  Texana was 103 when she passed away, and was 101 years old when Foreclosure Attorney David Trott had her evicted.

Today, we are officially calling on Foreclosure Attorney David Trott to cover her funeral expenses, since he was unable to pay the $60 tax bill that ended with her eviction.

Maybe at least he could send flowers?

We aren’t holding our breath.

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott has never shown even a little sympathy for his fellow man, so we don’t expect he will now.  But we do want to go on the record asking him to consider being a little more human.

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott’s victim Texana Hollis passes away

By Toad:
As it has already been widely reported, Foreclosure Attorney David Trott evicted a 101 year old woman from her home several months ago in careless disregard of her health and well-being because she failed to pay a $60 tax bill.  
We are sad to report, that Texana Hollis (who was evicted by Foreclosure Attorney David Trott) has recently passed away.
We reprinted a partial account from:

Texana Hollis, who was 101 years old when Michigan foreclosure king and congressional candidate, David Trott evicted from her home 15 months ago in the dead of night and freezing rain over an unpaid $60 tax bill, has passed away.


Mrs. Hollis eviction received international attention when her mortgage servicer paid David Trott’s law firm, Trott & Trott to evict her from her southeast Detroit home she had live in for nearly a half a century over a $60 tax bill.

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott and Subprime Mortgages

By Toad:
We would like to give a hearty tip of the hat to our friends over at eclectablog for a great article they just published on Foreclosure Attorney David Trott and his strong support for subprime mortgages, which must have made him millions.

See the article here:
The larger question that we have to ask is: can we ever really believe what Foreclosure Attorney David Trott says? 
Surely he knew that his Foreclosure business would benefit from subprime lending practices in the long run, which leads us to the inescapable conclusion that Trott is clearly willing to say almost anything to make a buck. 
What a disgrace.
We blog you decide.

Mexico here we come!

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott takes some well-deserved rest south of the border

By Toad:

From the Tipline:

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott is taking some well-deserved time off evicting residents of the 11th District from their homes this week and vacationing in Mexico.

Campaigning for Congress while vacationing in Mexico is an interesting strategy, though we have heard rumors that perhaps he is just expanding his foreclosure empire south of the border.

Either way, Mexico can keep him (sadly, we suspect, they don’t want him).

Rocky Rumored to be Shifting Gears

By Toad:
From Tipline
Rocky Raczkowski is apparently taking a step back from his plans to run for the Michigan State Senate.  Which is too bad, particularly since we have already written a slate of stories blasting the charlatan who likes masquerading as a conservative every election cycle.
Word on the street is he is looking for a top job with Foreclosure Attorney David Trott should he win.
In the edited words of Thomas More, “it profiteth a man little to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul, but for suburban Detroit?!?!?!?!”


 Go get’em Rocky.  We never thought you had any principles, and your latest jockeying shows that.  Though we do hope you change your mind and run for the Michigan State Senate, we have a blog and website dedicated just to you.  We just have to launch it.
Thanks to our friends for their tips.  Keep them coming.
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