Is Dave Trott Pro Life or Pro Choice?

By Margaret Ann

I know many voters would like to know the answer to that question, as do we. David Trott claims in his multi-million dollar advertisements, that he is a “pro-life candidate”, yet I cannot find anything to back up that claim.

As a matter of fact, his name is NOT listed on the Michigan Right to Life list of endorsed candidates: Michigan Congressional Elections.

However, there is evidence of his wife, Kappy Trott’s pro choice position on abortion.
Here is a previous post on this important issue:

The MI RTL does endorse more than one candidate in each race. So why didn’t they endorse Dave Trott?

Facts can be tricky things and the truth can be difficult to find. Happy hunting…


Foreclosure Attorney David Trott and His Pro-abortion Wife Kappy, Shun Conservatives

By Toad:

Why is Team Trott blasting conservative standard-bearer and Republican National Committeeman David Agema?

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott is convinced that moderates will win in primaries in 2014, so he is attempting to distance himself from the tea-party, liberty, and conservative Republicans as much as possible in the run-up to the primary next year.

Expect his general consultant, Stu (“Stu-Tard” is the moniker we have chosen) Sandler to blast conservatives as much as possible over the next few months as they build their coalition of liberal Republicans to oust the conservative incumbent.

What a strategy.  Hats off to Trott and his foreclosure team!  Only landed property-owners should be allowed to vote….


Team Trott blasts Republican National Committeeman

By Toad:

Foreclosure Attorney David Trott’s campaign team blasted Dave Agema the Republican National Committeeman earlier today. David Herbeck posted on facebook, calling Agema a “mean-spirited bully and religious zealot”.

As if Kappy Trott’s pro-abortion, anti-Reagan political positioning wasn’t enough, team Trott felt they had to make sure to alienate every single conservative they can possibly find in the district by slamming Agema.

Nice work team, keep it up.

Trott is Pro Abortion


By Toad:

Trott is Pro Choice

In honor of the manner in which Foreclosure Attorney David Trott recycles his press releases and endorsements in the hopes that no one will notice that he is just re-releasing the same names again, and again, we thought it would be worthwhile to recycle one of our favorite posts of the past month.

Kathleen Trott wrote a letter to the editor stating her strong disapproval of a Reagan appointed Supreme Court’s decision to uphold tighter restrictions on “teenage and welfare
women’s right to abortion”.

Trott: A Documented Progressive Liberal


You can read about Kathleen Trott’s progessive politics in her full letter to the editor in the Canton Observer.

It’s Kappy time!
If you missed it the first time, we just wanted to remind you that Kathleen Trott (who is the subject of a FOIA request to the Attorney General’s office) supports killing unborn babies.